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21 Top Marketers On Twitter That You Need To Be Following

That you don’t obviously have a grasp of how companies use social (or online blogging, PR, or anything else) but you give it a go. Susanna (who is your pet dog fan, perhaps not your pet dog) is a social media marketing writer and blogger, and it is among co-founders of exploreB2B, a social system for people Marketing Heaven to share marketing and advertising development and information. Pam could be the CEO and creator of advertising Nutz, a business that delivers personal company and advertising consulting solutions. His weblog is about social media marketing, content, and digital marketing and advertising, that he shares on Twitter.

Combine this seach with Zapier automation that saves Twitter search results to a Bing Docs spreadsheet and you may quickly start building a summary of people to reach out to in Twitter once you introduce your app. They are able to really be a powerful way to have a streamlined Twitter flow that simply reveals the Tweets you wish to see about a particular topic.

Directing traffic to your site: Twitter could be used to generate traffic to your sites, blog sites, or other social media marketing. Use your tweets to entice individuals your other sites or blogs but prevent spamming various other Twitter sites with simply your organization information. Kudos to customers and providing recommendations are great but alone are not likely to attract supporters fast.

Another feature of PeerIndex is Research Influencers which enables you to research influencers within communities or across Twitter. It’s a good device for Twitter people to determine statistics from their particular tweets or other people’s tweets. It lets you determine the essential mentioned people by the Twitter account, your many preferred words, gives you cleverness rankings and etc. The data computed by Tweetails for a Twitter account derive from various elements, one of these becoming the most up-to-date 1,000 tweets posted by the account, that is after that analyzed. As previously mentioned, Twitter has recently established their particular way of being able to analyze your Twitter account.…

The Value in Creating and Following Groups on Twitter

Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, with millions of users all around the globe. People follow each other, communicate, tweet and retweet, etc. However, Twitter still does not provide group features, and many people would really like that. If you are one of them, you have some other possibilities – third party web applications, also known as twibes, such as:


These are just some of them, and the choice you have is enormous. By using these third party applications, you can search for groups, join them, and you can even create your own group. The only thing needed is to have a valid Twitter account. Keep in mind that every web application (twibe) is different, and you may need a bit more patience to find the most suitable one for your. Some of them allow you to share photos or videos, and some of them don’t, but with these apps you can search for groups to join with ease. With popular hashtags, or keywords, you will see what groups already exist so you can become a member.


Groups are Ideal to Help You Connect with People Who Have the Same Interests as You

One of the most obvious benefits of creating and following groups on Twitter is the fact you can connect with many people who share your interests. Following people on Twitter in the usual way does not necessarily mean you have the same interests. However, when creating a group, or joining one, you are doing so with a certain purpose.



A very important part of the entire story behind Twitter groups is communication. You can discuss certain topics that you find relevant with other group members, and you can share your opinions and ideas. You can advise each other about certain matters, or exchange your experiences. This is extremely valuable, because you can expand your horizons, learn something new, or you can finally see what you are doing wrong. All those things are highly beneficial for your business, because when you reduce your mistakes, when you learn new things and get some excellent advice, you will be able to move forward and become better at what you do. Of course, you can help others in a same way as does, and being helpful is always good.



Get the Right Information

Just think about it – one group has many individual members. If you need some information, this is the best possible place to get it. You can see what other people are posting, and you can get the right information in a blink of an eye.


Creating and joining a group is has been an available option on Facebook, basically from the start, which is why people believe Twitter will do the same. Maybe in the future Twitter will provide its own creating, and joining group option to the users, without the need of using third party applications.  The value of groups is very obvious, because groups are extremely useful for individuals all around the globe.


Importance of Pinterest in Promoting your Online Business

pinterestPinterest is a web and mobile application which could be addressed as a visual gallery, where you would get pictures and videos related to multiple categories or events. By uploading the visual content, you could make it visible to others who are registered on the application. In this way you could promote your idea through the visual content that has been uploaded by you. Pinterest as an application is used by people to promote their business online; being a free website, it proves to be one of the best ways to make your content popular resulting in making your business idea a renowned one. The various categories under which visual content is available may include, architecture, art, cars and motorcycles, celebrations and events, celebrities, design, education, film, music, books, food and drink, gardening, hobbies and crafts, home décor, tattoos, technology, weddings, women fashion and other. The different visual content suiting different categories is uploaded accordingly.

The purpose of the website

Pinterest is a collection, storage and sharing tool, which is a platform for uploading and downloading visual content through which an idea could be promoted further among the online gathering of multiple people. The entire system behind the website includes a pin board which is created by the users who create and share the pictures related to a particular category, and including all the selected content a board is created. The content that is being uploaded is known as the pin, the content select is the pin which is being selected and placed on boards which are known as the pin-boards.

How to be a member?

For using Pinterest, you will have to register on to the website, and then use it accordingly for the variant purpose which suits your requirement. It is a media platform which is being used for uploading, sharing, and downloading pictures through which interest of the other visitors is gained. Through this media platform you could promote your business ideas as well, as you can not only be a user of the existing pictures, instead after registering yourself on the website you could also upload outside pictures and make them a centre of attraction for the other viewers as a result of which you could promote your business online.

The website allows business to create their personalized pages through which by creating a centre place the customers are attracted towards the business. The data uploaded and downloaded from the website is kept as records which are accessed by the marketers through which the manufacturers get an idea about response which is attained by the pinterest community members about the product. This is one of the best ways of promoting products and making it known among the concerned people. Register on the website and enjoy the access to the visual gallery, which has a lot many options to display and be a platform for sharing, uploading, and downloading visual content related to numerous categories. So create a profile today !!

Digital tools for Social Media Optimization

Social media came into focus somewhere in the year 2006 wherein it was used for different purposes relating to sharing of opinions, photos, posts, experiences etc. A virtual world was created wherein users were able to interact with each other and share their personal stuff. Considering its function and usage all over the world it posed to be a lot beneficial as well as harmful for the users. Every company these days are required to follow techniques of Social media optimization to make themselves popular within the market.

Techniques of Optimisation

There are various techniques of optimization which are available for the users which includes search engine optimization, social media optimization etc. amongst all the techniques prevailing within the market, SMO is the most recent one and is responsible for taking care of social aspects which may be quite useful for interaction of business with the outside world and thus helps in building relation between visitors and customers of the company.

What is SMO?

It is one of the strategies which can be used for setting up the website and also for making it interactive with visitors and customers of the website. The site is made accessible to the users by adding in content and messages which may pinterest-logobe of utility to the customers as a whole.

How does SMO works?

The social media optimization can be activated on websites using the following techniques as listed below;

  • RSS Feeds: These feeds enable the user to come to know of all the changes that have been made on to the website, and this may be related to any addition or deletion to the line of products and services offered by the company. The data present on the website gets distributed with the help of this feed.
  • Blog: It is another way which can be used to display content all over the web, and for accomplishing this website owner has to publish articles one after the other on web. With this you can stay in touch with your visitors on regular basis. Setting up a blog is quite an easy task to do and is useful for recording any sort of changes made in the website.
  • Benchmarking: Web is one of the sources of sharing information worldwide, and with the help of tagging you can allow outsiders to have access to information and also bookmark them such that it can be read sometime later in the day.
  • Forum for discussion: It allows the visitor to discuss and also post comments on how they find services of the suppliers or other companies. This is quite beneficial for the companies because with this they get to know about the viewpoint of consumers as a whole and also gets an idea about what do they think about the company and its website.
  • Sharing videos and images: Publishing images and videos can make your website quite interesting and also interactive. Consumers would now feel that your website is worth watching just because you have added life to it with the help of videos.

The digital tools for Social Media Optimization are thus of great utility to the users and hence is widely used as one of the most favorable marketing techniques for making website popular both amongst suppliers and customers.…

Top political China SNS “inaccessible”, angers Chinese netizens

Lately, more and more websites became “inaccessible” in mainland China, popular ones including Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Besides those foreign websites, there is one Chinese sns site Fanfou, which is one of China’s Top 4 Twitter Clones Rand introduced here previously, also became “inaccessible”. Regarding the reason, nobody has a confirmed answer, some says it is blocked by the government, some says it is Fanfou’s ISP# been expired……

Since Fanfou being “inaccessible”, and since many former Fanfou users have already got used to sending out some tweets once a while, they “reallocated” to another “China Twitter” – Digu. After moving, those former Fanfouers sent out tweets on Digu to express what they feel about Fanfou’s inaccessible, and what they think is the difference between Fanfou and Digu; which is:

Fanfou is more informative and its users tend to discuss political issues while Digu is more a place to talk about small daily issues; this probably is what made Fanfou a victim of government control.

Below are some of the tweets I collected from Digu:

Lots of people have expressed that Digu is more about entertainment while Fanfou is more informative with insights.

Lots of people on Fanfou talked about politics, this is very dangerous in China. It’s ok to talk about women, men, even sex life now, but politics is a forbidden topic to discuss. The government prefers to seeing us becoming paralyzed by all kinds of entertainment than seeing us finding out the real truth.

In this country, citizens don’t even have the right to use 140 words to judge something. Fanfou’s being blocked, I don’t think it’s Fanfou’s sorrow, I think it is the whole country, the whole nation’s sorrow……

If Fanfou deserves to be closed down because someone’s “inappropriate” use, does that mean we should cut off internet access when someone misuses the Internet, or stop using RMB when someone embezzles?

If Fanfou really died, let’s make Digu the next one being banned, then Twitter. I don’t think the Central Government can govern anywhere, at least America is off-limits. If the worst comes to the worst, we can use proxy browsers too. All the Fanfouers, give me high five!

We Fanfouers do love China, but China does not love us back. This kind of one-way relationship probably will never become a healthy and long lasting love.

Since I reallocated to Digu, I found here has two kind of users: the ones follow people like crazy, the ones only have name in their profile. I miss my Fanfou, and want it back.

Nothing can compare to Fanfou. I‘ll wait, wait with my determination. Honestly, all microblogs are pretty much the same. The difference lies in the atmosphere, which needs to be constructed, and can’t be copied.

Recently I saw lots of tweets about Fanfou. Why you didn’t say any good thing about is when it was still “alive”? Fanfou was not born for politics but it surely died for it. I’m not a big fan of Fanfou, but I do hope that one day politics can keep its hands off Internet.

Actually, Fanfou and Digu have different brand positions. We Fanfouers were just at a loss when Fanfou was suddenly shutdown and couldn’t find a substitution. I’m glad there is Digu, but I’m not really want to stay here permanently.

Digu and Fanfou have different orientations. Digu is all about real-time updates and Fanfou is somewhere you can share your views and comments with a group of people have similar opinions.

If you want to talk about politics issues, then go to Fanfou; if you only want to update some life trifle then come to Digu. This is Digu’s brand position, a guarantee that it can survive in China.

Hope Fanfou will get better soon, cause when Fanfou users combines with Digu users, it is so weird. I used both Fanfou and Digu, because I think the atmosphere are completely different on those two sites. I don’t feel there is any redundancy. Fanfou is more like a forum so it is fun, while Digu gives me the real feeling of microblogging.

I don’t really see the difference between Digu and Fanfou. I’m thinking if Fanfou can be accessed again, shall I just stay at Digu or go back to Fanfou? Too many options makes me don’t know what to do…

There is one thing not so good about Fanfou – a lot of people go there to talk about politics mainly for showing off. This is probably the reason why it got banned.

Fanfou is a place to talk about politics, and Digu is more lifestyle, I think I rather use the latter one.

Digu has a much more attractive interface compare to Fanfou, and I’m into appearance. I’m not sure I want to go back when Fanfou becomes accessible again.

It was proved that Digu has more powerful function on sending out tweets. Many microblogs allow RSS from other websites, but usually don’t allow RSS from other microblogs. Tweets on Fanfou and Twitter cann’t be RSSed to Digu, but Digu can work the other way around.

I don’t want to go back to Fanfou anymore, it is too unstable when comes to political issues.…